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sun moon
  • Theocritus 7.135-147 (tr. Walter Headlam):
    Dangling above our heads hung canopies
    Of whispering elms and rustling poplar-trees;
    Near us the water of the sacred well
    Dropped from the Nymphs' cave, tinkling as it fell;
    On every twig in shadow sat with glee
    The sunburnt crickets, chattering busily;
    And murmuring afar off in solitude,
    Bowered in the deep thorn-brake, the turtle cooed.
    All rich delight and luxury was there:
    Larks and bright finches singing in the air;
    The brown bees flying around the well;
    The ring-dove moaning; everywhere the smell
    Of opulent summer and of ripening-tide:
    Pears at our feet and apples at our side
    Rolling in plenteousness; in piles around
    Branches, with damsons burdening to the ground,
    Strewn for our feast; and from the full wine-tun
    Wax of a four-years-aged seal undone.

    Oh boy....  There is now a seven foot high semi dwarf comice pear tree ready to come home with me.  I'm trying to decide if I can actually get it into the car...before you laugh, the picture above is part of the tree - it is FULL of pears!!!  There must be 40 pears!

    So I'm collecting pear recipes, and adding to the honey idea too...anyone who has ideas, please contribute?  
    There are so many pears the tree is bending over from the weight - I seriously saw her (yes, I know) and thought "hello, Gaia!"  :)

    Here are some things I found so far:



    Perry!!!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perry


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