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July 9th, 2006

(no subject)

sun moon
Morning, all...

Have lots to catch up on with this wonderful wine journal. Love the idea of making pomegranate wine. Ritualizing it could be really interesting, and had some thoughts about that but am tired so will write them later.

However, I wanted to throw this out there too, if anyone is interested. I'd like to make peach wine. Found some recipes, and some information on peaches:

Peaches for Venus and Neptune

Peaches first domesticated in China (interesting, that China and the US are the biggest producers of peaches)
The Chinese god of Long Life, Shou-Lao is often portrayed as emerging from, or holding a peach from the trees that bear fruit once every 3,000 years in the gardens of Paradise.

Peach Wine = 134

my tongue = 134
My scribe = 134
must teach = 134
lofty chosen = 134
thy servant = 134
all prophets = 134
Invoke me = 134
in the love = 134
and I am Life = 134
the giver = 134
in my honour = 134
with worship = 134
inspired = 134
it is the Law = 134
the Indian = 134
in my name = 134

Wine recipes:



Have some ideas on ritual and use but am really tired. More later!

July 7th, 2006

More photos!

say aww
Hey more photos from the wine racking!!!
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