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Wine Journal

ho hum...

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Wine journal for the un-group

ho hum...

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The Blackberry wine was really slowing down in the fermentation, and last time we checked the alcohol volume it was only 2% (and we want 12%) So last night I decided to rack it, add some more sugar water and some yeast and bump start the fermentation again.

Trouble was I used the yeast we had on hand (we had some left over from the Parsnip/peapod) and really I should have used Premier Cuvee (Formally Prise de mousse). This yeast is more resiliant to alcohol.

Anyhows, tonight I will try and jump start the wine again. For my methodology, you can go here: look at "stuck feremntation"


We did tatse the wine lat night though, it is very fruity still, it kinda tasted like a Blackberry cordial ;)
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