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Wine Journal

Peach Wine! :D

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Wine journal for the un-group

Peach Wine! :D

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sun moon
Hi All, a bit of performance art for you.  Here's the peach wine, fermenting happily in the Temple.

Peach Wine!

and some happy fizzing wine sounds:

(okay, so I did upload 7 seconds of fizz, but it sounds like static, ha ha)

It smells just wonderful.  That crust must be 4 inches thick, I tell you.  Two weeks from now, it will be racked, if all goes well.  Lovely aroma, beautiful color, and it fizzes in a way that makes you smile and laugh when you see it.  It's full of love and happiness, it is.

PS, I think I've got us a honey dealer, too.  Will hear back soon.
Love you guys, thank you for a really wonderful evennig.
More later, it's been a pretty challenging day.  XOXO
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