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Wine Journal

Honey, honey

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Wine journal for the un-group

Honey, honey

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sun moon

To make one pound of honey, bees collectively fly approximately 24,000 miles and visit three to nine million flowers. 
(I liked that sentence.)

Found a place to get bulk honey in Watsonville: 

Miller's Honeybees,
 Bob Miller
221 Sundance Lane, Watsonville, CA 95176-9726

Here's his info, I'm going to call him today or tomorrow:  http://www.honeylocator.com/New_ResultsDtl.asp?urlID=678700

I'd love to make honey wine, mead...anyone else interested?  Perhaps a smaller amount at first.  Bob sells pails of 3 1/2 gallons.  Will find out the prices.
Here is a page I found with lots of info on honey wine, mead, etc.:  http://www.honeywine.com

honey wine=130

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my sister
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flaming hair
(hahaha): my left hand


my hawk
is a god

Love you guys,

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