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There is no wine like unto this wine.
Liber LXV, V.63.

The word wine comes from the Old English win, which derives from the Proto-Germanic *winam which was an early borrowing from the Latin vinum, (which can mean either the "wine" or the "vine"), from Aeolic Greek Fοίνος, (woinos) and from earlier languages such as Hebrew יין (yayin).

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

This journal is for a group of friends and worshippers that are experimenting in coast to coast wine making.

While we are flattered in your interest in our wine making, this is not meant to be a community for the general public. You can find some of our experiments in the community wine_making.

List of the wines.

Love is the Law, Love under Will.

altars, anthocyanins, astrologically timed wines, cherry, cranberry, demeter says swallow, fermentation, fruit, grapes, honey, mead, peapod parsnip for cooking, pear, pear cranberry, pear plum, persephone says spit, plum, press, red star yeasts, ritual, rose, strawberry, syrah, tannins, tomato beet, watermelon pomegranate, wine, wine making